FO: Ray’s thick socks

There was one Christmas present I was hoping to get done before the big day, and I’d completely forgotten about it. Fortunately, I was reminded of it when the order with the needle to finish Paisley’s cardigan arrived.

In with it was yarn I purchased just for this present.

It’s Cascade 220 Wave – the colour is Woodsy.

It was for a pair of thick socks like I make my Dad. But they aren’t for my Dad. They are for his friend Ray. Ray and Dad worked together. They retired around the same time, and now they hunt, shoot and do all kinds of things together. When I join my dad at the shooting range, Ray is always there. He always lets me shoot his guns (he has a very nice collection), gives me tips to better my accuracy, and on occasion, even provided me with ammo so I can keep on shooting. If that’s not worthy of a pair of warm, wooly socks, I don’t know what is.

The first one fell off the needles pretty quick, and was immediately claimed by Burton.

While he kept it warm, I worked on the second one.

And by Sunday night, I had a completed pair!

The 220 wave is the heavier version of the yarn I made the Lava socks out of. This version is just as soft, and I love the subtle colour shifts! I think they will keep his feet nice and warm on the shooting range! (It’s outdoors, so it can get mighty cold out there!)

9 thoughts on “FO: Ray’s thick socks

  1. Araignee

    They look so warm and comfy. I just dug out my extra thick ones to go with my Crocs. It got warm again this week but I hear more cold is on the way the day after Christmas. No snow though…


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