Back on track

As I mentioned the other day, the needle to finish Paisley’s cardigan finally did arrive. And as soon as I got Ray’s socks done, I turned all my attention to it.

As I’m sure you can surmise, it’s not going to be done by Christmas, as I had originally planned. That’s ok. I’m off work now until the new year, so I’m hoping to finish it by New Years. That may be a little ambitious – it just depends on how distracting the sewing machine gets!

9 thoughts on “Back on track

  1. Araignee

    The sweater is adorable!
    Lots of folks here in the US are not getting their gifts until after the holiday thanks to the USPS melting down. It’s so bad here that there was even an article in the Washington Post about how to handle the not having your gift thing. I am still tracking Daughter’s. It made it all the way from my house to Washington DC this morning (30 minute drive) and it only took 10 days. Now it’s got to make it back to MD which I guess will take another two weeks. Crazy.


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