Bear necessities

The weekend gave me a chance to try out one of my birthday presents.

Unlike mom, I’m not all “Gotta have all the gadgets!”, but every once in a while, she does find one I have to have.

These triangles are just the thing to make HST making better. I love using HSTs in my quilts, but I really hate making them. Well, trimming them mostly. That’s because I sew them (in multiples of 2s, 4, or 8s), then I have to get up from my machine to cut them apart. Then I go back to the machine (where the iron is) to press them open, then it’s back to the cutting table to trim them up.

But with these triangles, you trim them before you open and press them.

So I sew, then cut apart and trim, all at once. Then I go back to the machine and press them all open. So much more efficient.

In no time, I had 48 little HSTs trimmed, pressed and ready to go!

Next thing you know… Bear Paws are just flying out of the machine!

And seamingly with in moments… and entire top for a baby quilt!

Now that’s what I call one handy little gadget!

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