Taking the lead

It’s finally happened. I’ve paired up all the Leader & Ender four-patch/snowball pairs.

But this baby isn’t even close to coming off L&E and into regular rotation. Now I have to pair all these blocks together.

And then all these will have to be paired together, but still – progress is progress.

As you may recall, Mom was working on one of these as well. She started well before me, and finished it up the other week.

She fancy quilted it and it is just STUNNING (So stunning, it sold in the shop within minutes!) She put her blocks together a little differently than I am, so our quilts will vary a bit. (Plus, I won’t be fancy quilting mine) But it gives you an idea of how it will look….


9 thoughts on “Taking the lead

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Your blocks are looking wonderful! Your Mom’s quilting is just awesome. Easy to see why that quilt sold as soon as it was in the shop. With a little practice, I bet you could replicate that quilting.


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