FO: Queen of the Crossroads

It was a long day of quilting, then a long night of sewing down binding, but….

My scrappy Leader & Ender quilt is complete! (Now called Queen of the Crossroads).

It’s a big one, at about 90″ square. As you know, we don’t do a lot of huge quilts, but it was so easy to make these blocks, and I had so many scraps, it would have been a shame to make this one small.

Although you can see it’s more or less the same pattern as Mom’s, how we put the blocks together made a bit of a difference. Mine also doesn’t have any fancy quilting like hers… just my usual loops. Still, I think it’s pretty wonderful

You all know how I feel about diagonal plaid, and I think it was the perfect thing for border and binding. There was one small hiccup though. You may recall that I planned to use a striped fabric for the backing. Well, it turns out I did my math wrong, and didn’t have quite enough for the back. Mom came to the rescue with this beautiful royal purple fabric.

The aqua stripe would have been nice, but I think this one is pretty grand too.

If you’re interested, this royal beauty is available in the shop now!

10 thoughts on “FO: Queen of the Crossroads

  1. That is one beautiful BIG quilt. I really like the backing fabric as it’s my favorite color. I splurged today on fabric for 8 dresses. I placed an online order with Good’s store in Pennsylvania. They have the best dress fabric. For years I bought quilting cotton at JoAnn’s for my dresses and had to iron EVERYTHING. Then I discovered Good’s and poly/cotton and I’m free from the iron. Anyway, I was online today and all of that fabric jumped into my cart! I have absolutely no idea why I told you all of that! Sorry! Their prices are great though in case you’re interested. 🙂
    Blessings and hugs,


  2. Araignee

    How lovely! You really have the knack for putting together scraps. I still can’t believe how fast you are knocking these out. That would have taken me several lifetimes.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Just WOW! That is an awesome quilt. I love the plaid border and binding. The backing is just perfect. I like it better than your first choice. It is a beautiful quilt.


  4. Michelle Cooper

    What a great impact, that is stunning work. And lovely to think of someone (human or feline) snuggling up and sleeping under it. Please give yourself a big pat on the back, and stay safe. Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand.


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