A close shave…

My fellow quilters out there will understand this… while it’s not to hard to find nice “boy” fabrics for kids. Finding fabric that are “manly” for the older gents…. is much more difficult. Soooo much quilting fabric is flowers, flowers flowers. And most of the manly stuff out there is all woodsy/lumberjack fabrics.

So when I saw this collection of 2.5 inch strips on sale at MSQ, I snapped them up!

Now, of all the precuts, 2.5 inch strips are probably the hardest to work with. Not in terms of skill, but there’s just only so many things you can do with long, thin strips of fabric. Still, a little searching on the internet, and I came up with this block.

It’s mostly strip piecing, so it doesn’t take too long to put a few together.

I should be able to get 16 more from my strip set. That will give me 20 blocks. And I’m thinking a little dark blue sashing and some borders will bring this one out to a nice lap size quilt. Eventually…

7 thoughts on “A close shave…

  1. Now that is some manly fabric and Rupert seems to be approving of it too. The blocks turned out great. I know what you mean about flowers. I make most of my dresses out of cotton and it’s almost always a flower pattern in some color. Poor Dennis is now wearing masks that I made with my dress leftovers. He said he doesn’t mind at all. No one at work would dare say anything to him either! 🙂


  2. Araignee

    Agree. Man fabric is impossible. I found that out when I was making masks. I made lots for Daughter but the poor Mister only has two-some black with little stars. I could use plain material I guess but where is the fun in that? I really do need to make him more but keep putting it off for that very reason.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Wonderful fabric for a guy quilt! Love the block you are using. It is going to be a beautiful quilt. Burton is the perfect accessory for that fabric.


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