Last minute knit

As I was finishing up Paisley’s cardigan (it’s on the blocking board now), I was thinking about getting all the presents together, and I realized, I forgot one! For Paisley’s boyfriend, Cameron.

He’s a nice young man, who’s been around for about a year now, so I think that’s deserving of a present. So as soon as her cardigan was blocking, I cast on for a hat.

The pattern is Two by Two – I figured it was nice and simple and good for a teen. The yarn is the leftover Cascade 220 Wave from Ray’s socks. You can just see a bit of the colour shift in the picture.

I am playing a bit of yarn chicken here, I’m not sure exactly how much yardage was left after the socks were done. But it looks like enough. Here’s hoping!

7 thoughts on “Last minute knit

  1. jatshaw

    Good luck with the yarn chicken part! That is so nerve-wracking. Lucky guy to get a handmade hat and the lucky gal who gets that beautiful sweater!


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