Round robin – Round 1

This week’s prompt for the Round Robin quilt was piano keys – basically, a simple pieced border. I’ll be honest, while I love how they look, I normally avoid pieced borders like the plague, because they involve doing your own quilt math.

Quilt math is harder than regular math, because it involves cut sizes and finished sizes, and it always gets me confused. But my last year with the Blockheads has helped me improve my quilt math, so I was fairly sure I could tackle this if I kept it simple

I planned for 2.5 x 4.5 strips in four different fabrics, laid out in a repeating sequence, and an alternate 4.5 square for each corner. But once I started getting things together, I decided on something else…

While the centre square on each side looks like a solid square, thanks to the busy print…

… but it’s actually two strips. It wasn’t until I had the four fabrics cut and put together that I decided I liked them mirrored better. Had I thought of this at the start, I would have cut a square. But as I didn’t, I wasn’t about to rip out stitches, and waste fabric.

And I’m pretty pleased with the result. My quilt math worked out and it went together with minimal issues.

Burton inspected every seam after it was finished…

And now we anxiously await the next prompt.

9 thoughts on “Round robin – Round 1

  1. Quilt math, regular math…count me OUT!
    I do a lot of multiplying in my current job, making sure the orders the come in can be completed with full cartons of parts. Even if I am sure I made the calculation correctly, I always double-check myself with a calculator.
    In fact, The Hubby mentioned that we’ve been living together for 40 years this morning…I told him I don’t know how to count…😹


  2. That is a beautiful block. I don’t understand quilt math at all. When I made my 5 quilts, Dennis did all of the math for me. He’s a whiz at it! I just sewed it together.
    Burton looks pleased with the results, it must be good to have an in-house inspector.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    I also love piano key borders but avoid them often because, you know, math. Love the happy fabric placement that give the border a different design.


  4. Araignee

    I have fallen down that rabbit hole one too many times. I am a sucker for pieced borders. Yours turned out great. I always have to fudge mine here or there but I’ve learned it never really matters much in the finished product.


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