Take me to your leader

With the old Leader/Enders done and sewn into a top. I needed a new L&E project. While the last one wasn’t terribly complicated, I decided to go even simpler this time.

Like many of my fellow quilters, I have a pile of random blocks. They are leftover from other projects where I made too many, or changed my mind about things. I call it my orphan block bucket. In there were several 4.5″ HSTs lefover from a couple different quilts.

They are all light/neutral fabrics on one side, and dark, busy fabrics on the other, so I figured they be a good start to an Around the World quilt.

I went through my scrap bins and pull a bunch of lights and a bunch of darks. Each pair will give me two HSTs.

Because they are only 4.5″, I’m going to need a lot to make a good-sized quilt, so it should be a nice, long satisfying L&E project.

Here’s where my other projects are at:

  • Into the Mystic (baby owl quilt) – Four more pinwheel flowers to go, and then I have to decide on a border
  • Cluckin’ Eh! – Sewing those adorable chicks
  • Shave and a Haircut – Sewing strips, making blocks
  • Homecoming quilt – First round done -waiting for round 2!
  • L&E quilt – As you see above

8 thoughts on “Take me to your leader

  1. Araignee

    I bet you do have a lot of leftovers. I have quite a bit and I am not nearly as prolific as you. I’ve always liked that pattern. That’s going to be a fun one to watch progress.


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