FO: Kitty quilts

As you may recall… I made my brother a nice flannel quilt for his birthday in December. Or at least I thought I made it for my brother. Someone else had other ideas…

That’s my brother’s cat, Zappa. Zappa thinks the quilt was made just for him. Since I was getting ready to mail all the Christmas gifts to the family, I decided I could sneak an extra present in just for Mr. Z.

Burton helped me pick out enough flannel squares from our scrap basket and decide on a layout.

And then I got to work. It didn’t take long to put the top together. And since it was such a simple, small quilt, I decided to quilt it on my machine – just some nice, plain straight lines. Soon enough I had a finished quilt, fit for a kitty…

And… since Mr. Z. isn’t an only cat, and it was so easy to make….

I made one for his sister Pou’Bella, too!

As you can see, they aren’t fancy.

Each one measures 27′ x 36″. Just the right-size for a cat nap. I used the same flannel on the back for both of them – simply because it was just enough for the pair. The bindings came from my scrap bin, and I don’t think they could have worked out better.

And…. as you can see, they’ve been thorough inspected and approved,

So I’m sure Mr. Z. and Bella are going to be very pleased.

11 thoughts on “FO: Kitty quilts

  1. I adore, and I mean adore, how Burton is so fastidious in his helping with all aspects of the process. Picking out the flannel, inspection and even a short nap and roll around. You could never find a better assistant. I’m sure his kitty cousins are going to love their new quilts too. You’re a good kitty aunt.


  2. Michelle Cooper

    Cats and quilts are meant for each other. For my 50th birthday 6 years ago
    my late Mother made 2 lovely little quilts – for my Cat!

    Stay warm and safe, Michelle in Wellington, New Zealand.


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