Check out these chicks

Since Saturday was taken up with the owl quilt Sunday was reserved for the chickens! I added five more ladies to my little brood.

That gives me eight total so far.

I’ve got enough cut for 16 blocks, so I’m halfway to a full coop.

I just love these chicks! I’m not sure someone else is as delighted as I am with them ,though…

13 thoughts on “Check out these chicks

  1. Love those chickens. They are so cute and I think of them as being fluffy for some reason. Fat and fluffy. On the other hand, Burton does not seem to like them at all. His face tells the story doesn’t it? I wonder why he feels that way?


  2. Shirley Elliott

    What a great flock you are assembling! The background fabric is just perfect. I am sure Burton had something important to say in that photo.


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