Round Robin – Round 3

This weeks prompt for the Round Robin quilt was geese, and unlike last week, I had no trouble with it. The hardest part was determining direction I wanted my geese to go.

It also gave me a chance to try the no-waste geese method.

I do need a little more practice with it, but it was a pretty efficient way to make the geese. It’s ideal when you need a lot of geese.

Once my geese were made, it was just a matter of sewing them together and sewing them onto the quilt… easy peasy!

Because I used a pattern fabric for the background of my geese, they don’t pop as much as they could… but I kind of like the more subtle look for this border.

And those corners….

Aren’t quite the same fabric. I ran out of the same stuff, and didn’t have enough for the corners. But that’s the neat thing about this bundle… several of the floral patterns are VERY close…. from a few feet back, they are almost interchangeable.

And now we wait for prompt four! This is so much fun!

10 thoughts on “Round Robin – Round 3

  1. Araignee

    I love it! It’s so much fun watching all the different quilts emerge. I would never have the gray matter to figure all that out but I can see it could be quite the learning experience.


  2. Ooh, that is a pretty one! Such sweet fabrics and beautiful colors together. It’s fun to watch different people make the same quilt. All look so different, even with the same clues. The fabric makes all the difference. (I miss your helper today.) lol


  3. Shirley Elliott

    This just gets prettier each week! Your border from last week is such a great transition to new rows. I have to admit that I would not have realized the cornerstones were a different fabric if you had not stated it was not the same. I would have just thought the fabric had a big repeat. Looking forward to seeing what you do next week.


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