Speed sewing

Although it feels like I haven’t been sewing as much as I would like, I’ve still managed to blast through the scraps I had set aside for my Leader & Ender quilt.

In fact, the basket of HSTs was starting to overflow.

So I decided to lay them out and see how big it would be, so I could get an idea of how many more to make.

I got 100 of the laid out, got tired of it, and decided just to count the rest. I have 180!!! I’m not sure how many more I’ll do. 196 will give me a nice lap-sized quilt, but I may keep going.

And remember these blocks?

Well I almost forgot about them. But they popped into my brain the other day, and I decided I better get back to them. Everything is cut, so they go together pretty fast. I banged out six of them in a short window between work meetings the other day.

Now I have 10 in total

I cut enough for 25 blocks total, which will, again, make a nice lap sized quilt once there’s some sashing and borders added.

Here’s where all my other quilts are at:

  • Cluckin’ Eh! – Eight more hens to go
  • Shave and a Haircut – Sewing strips, making blocks
  • Homecoming quilt – Third round done -waiting for round 4!
  • Black and White and Green All Over – More details coming soon!
  • Spinwheel – As you see above
  • L&E quilt – As you see above

7 thoughts on “Speed sewing

  1. Araignee

    Goodness….that’s a lot of sewing right there. I don’t think I’ve been near the machine in weeks. I just can’t seem to clear out a block of time and I don’t even have a job.


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