Almond joy

I know it’s been a while since I posted about Squirrelington’s, but don’t worry. It’s been a going concern all winter. I also added another feeder or two to the yard, so now my feathered and furry friends are treated to a buffet of peanuts, walnuts, black oil sunflower seeds, regular bird mix (no corn), and nyjer seed on a daily basis.

We have sparrows, juncos, cardinals, blue jays, house finches, mourning doves, chickadees, red-breasted nut hatches, downy woodpeckers, and of course, our beloved squirrels.

While the squirrels get regular feedings of peanuts in the shell, along with “treats” of walnuts in the shell, I’ve really wanted to get them some almonds in the shell. Mom always used to get them for us at Christmas time, (along with other in-shell nuts) and we’d all sit around cracking nuts, and making a great mess. (Now I understand why I love the squirrels so much – we are kindred spirits!). But Christmas came and went, and the grocery store never got any in-shell almonds in.

But last grocery day, they did have shelled almonds on sale in the bulk aisle. I’ll admit, I wasn’t thinking about the squirrels when I bought them. Both Dave and I have made a commitment to better our diet, and I figured they’d be good to sub in for chips when we got the after dinner munchies!

But the other day, I decided to throw a pile on the table outside to see what happened.

They’d already had their peanut breakfast when I put this out, so I wasn’t sure if they’d be back right away. Some days, they spend all day in the yard (regardless if Squirrelington’s is serving or not), and other days I don’t see them past noon.

But it didn’t take long…

After this picture, I decided I better clean the glass on the sliding door… but I just love the look on her face, and those nuts sticking out!!! The almonds are MUCH easier to carry multiples than the peanuts.

Soon enough, other’s took notice and things got quite busy. Even the jays stopped in for a bite.

They really seemed to like the almonds, because they could get four or five at at time before flying off.

They weren’t quite as thrilled about the other patrons, but that’s what you deal with when a place gets popular!

I still want to see how they do with in-shell almonds though, so I’ll keep searching!

8 thoughts on “Almond joy

  1. Almond Joy indeed! Sure looks like they were a hit all ’round. Mom keeps a supply in the cupboard (unsalted, of course), especially for when dad gets his munchies. He’d most likely go for unhealthy stuff, so she steers him right. I’m curious how they’d do with the in-shell ones, too.


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