Manly yes, but I like it too!

I was feeling like the barbershop quilt had been a little neglected, so I sat down and put together some more blocks.

They are really neat blocks, done with strip sets. And once those sets are sewn together the blocks go really fast. As a reminder, here’s the tutorial I used.

They went together so fast, that I got all but four blocks together before calling it quits for the day. And those last four will be whipped up in no time. Since I’m close to having them all done, I have to make some decisions about layout.

Right now, I’m really leaning towards a plain navy sashing between each block. They are so busy, I think it will help to break things up a bit, so they eye can focus better. It will also help to make the quilt bigger. Each block is about 10.5 inches, so with sashing and borders, this will be a good lap-sized quilt when finished.

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