Friday Felines

As you know, we got a whole lot of snow over the last little while. Relic has not been amused about this… but as long as its not actively snowing, he’s content to go out and get some fresh air – as opposed to standing in the house yelling at me like I can make the snow stop falling.

Burton, who isn’t free-range like Relic, has been content enough to watch the backyard wildlife from the comfort of the house. That is, until the other day. Maybe it was because the sun was shining, but he saw Relic go out, and he wanted out BAD!!!*

So I suited him up and attached his leash. Normally, I carry him out the the middle of the yard, but this time I decided to let him make his own way. I opened the door….

And that’s pretty much where he stopped. And stood… and stood…. and stood, not putting a paw anywhere near the cold, white, wet stuff.

Now I can’t stand there all day with the door hanging open, so I picked him up and plunked him right down in the middle of the yard.

You can tell by his posture that he is not at all thrilled with this change in his playground. It looked much nicer from inside! The snow is compacted a bit, but its still soft enough that he sinks right up to his belly. It didn’t take long and…

He was ready for some couch time in a nice warm sun beam.

*This is not Burton’s first time in the snow. He’s been out every winter since I brought him home. However, on one of his adventures during his first winter, the neighbour behind us came out and crunched some snow, and Burton was sure it was a monster coming to get him! Every since then, sojourns into the cold don’t usually last long – even if he bugs me to go out. One little snow squeak and he wants right back in. This time actually lasted about two minutes longer than most, and he didn’t get spooked, he just decided this snow was too deep and too cold.

9 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Araignee

    What an adventure for the poor little guy! It was kind of funny watching the outdoor kitties deal with the ice last week. They could get down the hill easy enough but trying to get back up here was interesting. Pup had quite the time too.


  2. Look at that tail! You can tell he was not amused. Tyg was on the roof again the other morning! It is covered in sheets of ice, but he was up there and jumping up to the bedroom window – a beast!!


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