Round Robin, Round 6

We’ve reached Round 6 of the Stay at Home Round Robin challenge! This week is log cabins… but I’m afraid I’m still on Round 5 – wonky stars.

You will recall that I was going to wait to find out what Round 6 was, and decide if I was going to combine it with Round 5. Well… I didn’t do that.

A few days after Round 5 was announced, I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep and the perfect idea came to me. Instead of wonky stars, I would use friendship stars, and I would echo the idea I used on my Plus Sign Round.

Work kept me pretty busy, but I managed to find some time to whip up my stars.

I needed four of each type, but they didn’t take too long.

Then a few days later, I got working on the border pieces. This involved some quilt math, and I’m happy to say I didn’t have a migraine this time and it all worked out perfectly.

The first border went on like a dream! My plan was to have it all the solid blue floral, but I didn’t have quite enough.

My solution was to piece in some blue paisley from the same line (and which is used elsewhere in the quilt), and it worked out just fine!

Burton helped me ensure everything was lined up just right. And after a few hours sewing…

I had the whole border on. The quilt is now about 66″ square, and as you can see, it hangs just over the sides of my Queen bed. Which is shame because it makes it hard to see those perfect little corner stars!

And now I have to start thinking about Log Cabins. I am definitely waiting until next week’s prompt though, because I do need to combine the last two. I won’t have enough fabric to do two full rounds. Even combining them, I may only have enough to add to top and bottom. But, we’ll make that decision after Monday!

10 thoughts on “Round Robin, Round 6

  1. Every single time I see one of your quilts I think it’s my favorite and then the next one I think is my favorite and then the next time…. You see my issue? This quilt is gorgeous. I love the fabrics you’ve chosen and the way you did the stars. I really like the center and the checkerboard too. You are one talented lady.


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