Those cluckers!

What’s up???

Chicken butt!!!

But seriously… another afternoon of sewing saw me finish up all my little hen blocks.

I just love these ladies! All those chicken-themed fabric in a chicken block… it just hits all my buttons! With them all done, I was about ready to sew the sashing when I decided they needed a little something more. Those poor girls were sitting on the cold hard ground… they needed nests!

I found some nice straw-coloured fabric in the stash, and added a nest strip, as well as another wire strip to square things up, and now my girls are nice and cozy. If I was thinking of it before. I would have made it so the “nests” came up around their sides…

But I can live with this. On another afternoon, I’ll sash them all together, which will create their “nesting boxes” add a border and then I’ll have a completed top!

Though I think I have to spend this afternoon giving someone some love… I think he’s feeling a little neglected!

11 thoughts on “Those cluckers!

  1. Shirley Elliott

    I love how this quilt is evolving! It is going to be beautiful. Burton sure does add a lot of cuteness to the photos.


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