Friday Felines

You all know how exciting Squirrelington’s can be… well the other day, things got a lot more exciting!

The weather was warmer (About 7C/44F), so Relic was thrilled to be outside. The sun was shining, the snow was melting… and he decided a good place to enjoy this promise of Spring was on top of the garden cart… which is, of course, the main dining area of Squirrelington’s.

I didn’t think much of it… the squirrels would just have to wait until his cat nap was over to enjoy a snack. It’s not like he was going to eat all the peanuts on them.

Well… one brave (or foolhardy) squirrel decided the wait to get in was just too long. And he decided to take a chance…

And Relic just sat there while the squirrel grabbed a peanut and left. In truth, that doesn’t surprise me. Relic has shown zero interest in chasing the squirrels. I think he knows they are too darn fast. The only thing Relic likes to chase are butterflies and baby buns. He doesn’t even bat an eye at the adult bunnies.

But that squirrel…. well let’s just say that squirrel has some serious kahonies! And he didn’t just do it once! He came back multiple times.

I’m too cheap to pay the extra $100 a year to add video to the blog… but you can check them out on the Bearbottom Facebook page. (You don’t need to have Facebook to see it – it’s public!)

There’s never a dull moment around here!

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