It didn’t take long at all to burn through the snowballed blocks I had cut up for my last Leader/Ender project. There was just 48, just enough for a baby blanket, and they are all ready to be assembled into a top now.

Which means I needed another L&E project. My basket of 4 inch scraps was overflowing so I figured I should do something with them before things got out of hand. My plan was to make four patches for a Jacob’s Ladder quilt, but as I started going through them, I noticed there were quadruples (or more) of quite a few of the prints. So I switched gears and chopped up a pile of black solid squares.

And I’m now happily making a pile of cheerful nine-patches instead.

And I’ve got quite a few scraps to go through so this L&E should last a while!

Here’s where my other projects are at:

  • Cluckin’ Eh! – Ready for quilting
  • Spinwheels – Nine pinwheels left
  • Around the World in 256 Days – Ready for top assembly
  • Homecoming quilt – Just got to sew assemble and sew the last round.
  • Which way, Baby? – Ready for top assembly.
  • L&E quilt – As you see above

6 thoughts on “Patchy

  1. Shirley Elliott

    Your new leader/ender project is going to produce a spectacular quilt with that bold black and then the bright/happy fabrics. What fun.


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