FO: The socks are lava – Hamburger 2.0

Since I last showed you anything on the needles, by knitting has been mostly neglected. I haven’t even put any of my required rows on the mohair stole. I only knit in the evenings, and lately, I just haven’t had the energy.

But, the last few nights, I finally found some juice, and focused all my stitches on the Burger Baby socks.

The Hamburger colourway of Felici makes a great pair of shortie socks. Like the full length pair I made, the pattern is The Socks Are Lava.

The full length pair are being sent off this week. But this pair, I’ll hang onto until the beginning of June when our Miss Rowan turns 13!!! I’ve got a few other things planned for her gift, but it’s nice to be ahead of the game with these.

12 thoughts on “FO: The socks are lava – Hamburger 2.0

  1. The socks turned out great. And thank you for your sweet comment about our Chloe. Gosh I miss her so much. I’m taking her food and beds to a rescue group tomorrow, like the one we got her from. I just can’t look at them without bursting into tears and in this RV, you can’t avoid them.
    A piece of my heart went with her. She seriously was the perfect dog. I appreciate your caring.
    Blessings and hugs,

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