Colour my world

Quilting wasn’t the only thing that happened last weekend. Dave and I officially started house-hunting. In fact, we even put an offer in on a lovely little place in the middle of no where. There were nine other bidders, and it sold for $90,000 over the asking price. And not to us… even if we had the money, we are not that crazy. The house was nice, but not worth what it sold for.

Sadly, that’s the kind of market we are in right now. We are keeping a level head, and I know we will get the house that is right for us, at a price we can afford. In the mean time, we’ve been looking at what we have in this place, and getting rid of anything we don’t want to have to move.

In the middle of the week, we took a load of scrap wood Dave had collected to the community recycling centre (they sort and recycle/reuse what they can). I’ve got a bunch of gardening stuff (pots, etc) that I’ll probably give away. But the main thing I need to take care of is the undyed yarn.

As you know, I’ve been slowly working at dying it all up. Once it’s all dyed, I’ll sell the leftover dyes (there will be a tonne), and accessories and that’s one less thing to worry about moving/storing at the new place.

This week’s task was dyeing up the “Bugga” bin. Back when we were selling our dyed yarn, Mom scooped up a bunch of “irregular” skeins of the Bugga base – a sumptuous 70% Merino, 20% Cashmere 10% Nylon blend. If you’ve ever knit with Bugga, you’ll know how wonderful it feels. Mom bought it for our personal use, and we just never got around to dyeing it up.

There were 26 skiens of it! Neither of us can quite remember why the skeins were considered irregular. I think it’s because they are not the full 125 grams of the regular Bugga skeins, and Mom thinks some had poor plying too (though it didn’t look too bad when I was dyeing). Either way… it’s a whole lot of wonderful yarn.

I stuck mostly to semi-solids. As much as I love wild yarns, they can be hard to work with and don’t play nice with fancy stitchwork. I find myself knitting with plainer yarns more often these days.

I did a few up in what should be cardigan quantities

I did an olive green too, but I seemed to have forgotten to take a picture. And that grey/purple on the end is really more of a blue/mauve/plum. The camera did not seem to want to capture it at all.

I did a couple colours in shawl quantity

Though these could just as easily become hat/mitt/cowl sets one day.

And finally, I did four single skeins for socks.

Because Bugga socks really are a treat for your feet (and my one and only pair got holes ages and ages ago!)

Now I only have two bins of yarn left to dye. With luck I can get it all done by the end of March. Though it may eat into my quilting time a bit.

13 thoughts on “Colour my world

  1. Araignee

    Gorgeous! I miss your dyeing posts. I don’t dye much myself anymore but every once in a while I used to get the bug after seeing what you would come up with.


  2. Val, you are wise to do it now. Sorry the first house offer flew past. I’m a firm believer that you will find a right house for you . I believe there is more than one out there. When we house hunted we kept that mantra. Houses were bid on before we even got home from a showing, in 2016.

    Love your yarn colors and darn our camera’s that dont really show true colors.


  3. Houses are selling like that here and in Omaha too. It’s ridiculous, although it does make us wish we had waited to sell ours until this spring. Although you never know and we don’t have a crystal ball to know the future. :-). Good for sellers, not for buyers.
    Your yarn is gorgeous. I love the colors you’ve chosen to die them. I’m like you and find myself drifting toward more solid colors these days instead of wild skeins of many colors.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    It is definitely a seller’s market in NC. Often a house will be shown continuously over the weekend and receive many offers above listing price. Though I haven’t heard of any with offer of $90K over asking price. Good luck in your house-hunting journey! The yarn you dyed is just beautiful! Love those colors. Looking forward to seeing what they become.


  5. You’ll certainly have some lovely colors to work with. It looks BEAUTIFUL!

    The housing market here is much like yours. I’m glad we got into ours before all this craziness. YIKES!


  6. Gorgeous colors! They will be a delight to knit. Real Estate prices are crazy in Wyoming as well. Out of state individuals are purchasing houses without seeing them in person – absolutely crazy.


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