Dear Jane

As you may recall, if I have a free day on the weekend, I like to use them to sew quilt tops together. I save block building for during the week when I may only have an hour or two. But on the weekend, the chances are better that I have a few hours strung together… the perfect time to assemble a top.

The only project I had at that stage was my Round Robin quilt. It just needed the last border assembled. So Saturday afternoon, I got to it. Despite all the pieces, it went together fairly smoothly. After it was on, I decided it needed one last plain border.

At about 86″ square, it was too big to really show off it’s full beauty on my bed. So I took it outside.

It was almost too big for the only patch of shade in the yard, but I managed it. And now you can really see how good it looks. This quilt-a-long was so much fun. It really stretched the brain, and helped me with my quilt math.

I’ve convinced Mom that is needs some fancy quilting, so you won’t see it finished right away. But when it is, you can bet it will have some quilting worthy of it!

10 thoughts on “Dear Jane

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What a beautiful quilt! It is so impressive in the photograph outside. The border you did with log cabin and pinwheel blocks just makes the quilt. Love how you grouped the log cabin blocks in the corners. Very pretty and unique.


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