Funky chunky

The other day, I had done my required four rows on the mohair wrap, and I wasn’t in the mood to work on the Thunderstruck socks. I wanted something NEW.

I still had the Tabby Cat Chunky yarn sitting out from when I dyed it up the other day, so I decided to go pattern hunting. I came up with Silla. Because of the tweedy shades in the yarn, it needed to be something fairly simple. Any pattern would just get lost.

The asymmetrical fronts give it a little bit of interest. Or at least it will. It doesn’t look like much now, but I’m only about halfway through the yoke.

I know a chunky knit isn’t what most people normal would cast on going into spring… but hey… I’ve never claimed to be normal….

9 thoughts on “Funky chunky

  1. LOL (I’m not claiming to be normal either!). That is a very pretty pattern – I love the way it is asymmetrical. And the color is screaming SPRING!!!


  2. Araignee

    Knit brains are never normal. I always seem to find myself wanting to knit big chunky sweaters in the heat of the summer. It’s when I am indoors the most so I guess it makes sense.


  3. I love asymmetrical clothing, even though I am soooo not asymmetry driven in other areas. Go figure. And I adore green!!! Kudos on the finished socks and I cannot wait to see the parrots done.


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