April showers

The weather has been all over the place this past week. Up, down, rainy, sunny, foggy, windy. Even a little bit of snow. Still that hasn’t kept the neighbourhood critters from stopping by for a bite… and I don’t mean at Squirrelington’s…

Quite a few of the sprouting bulbs have been munched on, the but the crocus flowers seem to be a bit of a favourite.

Speaking of favourites, my favourite (and oldest) crocus has bloomed.

Until I got smart, and planted some crocus bulbs out back, this little guy was my only crocus! He’s in the front garden, on a corner that gets just enough sun to keep him coming back year after year. I love his purple stripes.

This wee little daffodil cluster is a new one from the bulbs I planted last year. It’s one stalk with five or six flower heads, and as you can see with my hands for comparison, it’s quite small.

And last, but definitely not least – this big happy yellow daffy has bloomed. And it won’t be the last – there’s lots more to come!

10 thoughts on “April showers

  1. Araignee

    I have never seen the blooms munched on before. I know they like the bulbs because they are moved all over the yard. I am going to have to remember to plant more this year. My crocus beds are mighty sparse.


  2. Oh dear. Those critters. I have to go outside as soon as it gets a bit warmer: it is 51 now with a high of 65 predicted! I anticipate open windows and some time in the sun. I’v e been waiting for it. Have to see if the deer have gotten to anything. We had a news story of a deer jumping through a school bus window and landing in a child’s seat. The driver stopped the bus, opened the door and the deer ran off.


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