Never too early for summer

As I hinted at last week, I’ve got a new pair of socks underway. Not that its a great surprise. After casting off Rowan’s itty bitty thunderstruck socks, I decided that it would be fun if she had a pair that matched her sister, as well as her Mom and Dad.

Of course, Paisley’s birthday isn’t until December. But Rowan’s is in June. But if I want to use leftovers from Paisley’s that means I’ve got to get them on (and off) the needles asap!


Yes, once again it’s Felici. This colourway is from last year and it’s called Summer Camp. The pattern is “I Smell Snow” – a freebie on Ravelry. It’s simple, with just a touch of interest to keep things moving. These probably won’t be on the needles very long.

And in an aside, something happened last week that gives me just a little bit of hope that one day I may see that missing shipment from Knit Picks.

Last Tuesday, this showed up in the mail:

A Christmas card from Vera! As you can see from the post mark – she mailed it on December 1, 2020! It took a full FOUR months to get to me. I had a good giggled when I opened it. The poor postal service must have been having a really hard time – she’s less than an 8 hour drive from me!

So… Merry April Vera! Thanks for the card!

8 thoughts on “Never too early for summer

  1. Araignee

    Cute sock!
    The US post is in a terrible state right now. I hate to mail anything. Our bills are always late so we have had to switch to online payment methods. I was still getting Christmas cards in February and it took over a month to get that box of masks to Daughter who lives less than an hour away.


  2. LOL – Merry April Val!!

    Such pretty yarn for socks. Thanks for the reminder about that pattern – it is so cute, that may be the one I use for socks I’m planning for a friend.


  3. Im tempted to say I’m making socks and just socks for awhile. I am hopping around in my mind so much. Then I saw a shawl that would make a lovely gift for someone I know. Today, I will stick with the hat I hope to finish for a gift for a baby girl.
    Val I was out pullilng weeds yesterday . Those darn things beat everything else around it . Me, and a screwdriver in a way Fireman taught me to get them up easily.
    I am waiting a bit longer, like a month to plant my toilet paper flour water seeds outside . Im not even sure they’ll sprout, but It will be fun to try.


  4. Merry, Merry Christmas in April! Who knows? Maybe you’ll have Christmas in July too! I got a card a couple of weeks ago in Spokane from a friend in England that she mailed in November. It’s crazy. Our mail service has always been so dependable here in that this craziness is very frustrating.
    Love the cute socks. Felici is one of my favorite sock yarns to knit with.
    Have a wonderful Tuesday Val!


  5. Shirley Elliott

    I think that is the longest delivery I have heard of for a Christmas card. Hopefully, your yarn will be showing up also. That sock is looking so pretty. Love those stripes and the colors.


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