Halftime show

With Rupert’s help, I tackled the second quadrant of the HST quilt

I promise, Rupert is snoopervising from somewhere in that pile of blankets.

I laid the next quadrant out beside the completed one so I could ensure there would be no like fabrics touching. This is the kind of quilt where you can drive yourself batty trying to get fabric placement just perfect. I don’t even really try – I just focus on ensuring no two of the same fabric touch, and call it a day. Some are a little closer together than I like, but I can live it with. Once the whole quilt is together, it won’t be as noticeable anyway.

Despite it’s size, the quadrants go together fairly quick. In just over an hour, I had it together, and sewn to the first quadrant.

And just like that – the top is already half done!

“Just you remember, you couldn’t have done it with my help. Now put the camera away and let me go back to sleep.”

10 thoughts on “Halftime show

  1. Shirley Elliott

    My first thought was “Where’s Rupert?” That is a nice nest of blankets that he has. Love the way this quilt is coming together.


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