Forgotten treasure

The other day, Mom and I were chatting and quilting, and some how, the conversation turned towards elephants. (I think we were talking about an elephant quilt pattern but I can’t be sure). I told her that I love elephants, and that I have a couple in the house, because grandma always told me that having an elephant with its trunk up is good luck. (Like horsehoes, the luck runs out if the trunk is down)

I, of course, have my Blue Mountain Heffalump, and I have another elephant plant holder, (on which my snake plant resides.) I told her I used to have a white eastern-style elephant that I used as a small plant stand but that I hadn’t seen him in years, and I wasn’t sure what had happened to it.

A few days later, Dave and I were heading out to drop some of his old clothes off a Value Village. I recalled I had a box of knick knacks I’d meaning to donate as well. It was stuff I hadn’t unpacked when we moved here (eight years ago) and it was all still wrapped up in newspaper.

Something told me I better go through it one last time, just to be sure I wasn’t giving anything important away. Can you guess what I found???

I was so happy! I think he’s actually supposed to be a candle holder for those big pillar candles, but I’ve always put a plant on him. I don;t know what happened to the pot I had that went with him, but luckily, I had the perfect sized one kicking around in the basement.

It just needed a little makeover.

Plain white paint was just a little too stark, but, as luck would have it…

…I had a bottle of Champagne Metallic leftover from some long forgotten craft project that was just the perfect shade.

Add a spider plant baby (there’s no shortage of them around here) and the project is complete!

10 thoughts on “Forgotten treasure

  1. Aww, he’s perfect! I’m so glad you went through that box. Can you imagine how disappointed you would have been if you had discovered you had given him away. The pot and plant are perfect too. What a nice addition to your family.


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