The socks of summer

Well… sock.. I guess, since I only have one done.

But isn’t it cute? Such fun cheerful colours! And that little bit of lace to keep it interesting. The pattern is I Smell Snow, and it’s nice and easy to memorize.

As you can see, I’ve done the cuff, heel and toe in plain black to keep the stripes sequence intact, as I normally do with self-stripers.

The second one is already on the needles, and with any luck, I can have it done by next week. Then I can whip off a matching pair of anklets for Rowan well before her birthday.

But I better not jinx myself… the knitting fates are not to be toyed with!

7 thoughts on “The socks of summer

  1. Love them! And the black heels, toes and cuff is perfect! It looks as if it were part of the original sequence. I may try that next time I use self striping.
    Don’t mess with those knitting gods. They’re known to be cranky as of late.


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