The kittens are the stars of this show

I mean, how could they not be??? As you can see, I finished the top for Spring Kittens. And I am just smitten!

When I finished the main star blocks, my intention was to just to plain sashing and cornerstones. Then I remembered the Royal Stars quilt and decided the kittens needed more stars too!

I went stash diving and came up with just enough pale, mottled pink for the star points.

For a person who loves pink, I actually didn’t have much in my stash. I was lucky that this one almost perfectly matched the shade in those little butterflies.

Normally, I eschew pastel baby quilts, prefering much bolder shades, but I gotta say…

… I REALLY love how soft and pretty this one is. The fact that it’s covered in kittens certainly doesn’t hurt either.

I had enouch of those cute aqua kittens for a border

As well as binding….

That aqua stripe will be a good backing, when I get around to quilting it. I’m not sure when that will be. We’ve started seriously house-hunting now. Since we are completely priced out of our current area, we are looking about 2 hours away. We are lucky that our jobs allow us to move that far, but it means weekends, for the time being, are given over to fitting in as many showings as we can. Quilting may have to take a back seat until we finally buy something.

8 thoughts on “The kittens are the stars of this show

  1. Araignee

    It really is lovely! I can’t believe how fast you got it done.
    House hunting sounds like fun. We would love to move too but we couldn’t afford anything like we have so near the water now. This place is too much for us old folks anymore. Darn housing market had to sky rocket. We moved here to get away from the high prices of the DC suburbs but it looks like they followed us.


  2. Such a sweet, sweet quilt Val. I’m so glad that you found the pink. It’s perfect for the little stars. The kitten fabric is wonderful and makes me smile when I look at all of those little faces. 🙂
    Best of luck house-hunting. I know how hard it is. I keep hearing stories from people here and it makes me realize just how blessed we were to have this house fall into our laps. Under market value and right next door to Mom. God’s hand was surely involved in this. I hope you find something as perfect for you and Dave.
    Blessings and hugs,


  3. That quilt is just adorable. I love those colors, They are pastel but not boring or typical, And those nice sharp corners that you manage — so perfect!

    I’m with you on the house-hunting. We were priced out of our last house, with property taxes going over $10,000. We only moved 2 miles west of our old house, but it will save us some money.


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