FO: Royal stars

On Saturday,  the Mom returned the munchkins to Oz. Normally, I keep her company for the trip, but  this time, Dad wanted to go.  It’s 3 hours one way and with visiting time thrown in, it’s a full-day excursion.  That meant someone needed to stay with his puppers, feed them, love them, and let them out for pee breaks.

I figured if I was going to be stuck there all day, I might as well make good use of the time. Naturally, that means quilting… so I give you…


Royal Stars!

To refresh your memory, I finished the top back in March, just as all the COVID fun started heating up.  That meant no visiting Mom to get it quilted. But that was fine because I didn’t have a back for it.

Well when Dad asked me to dog-sit, I still didn’t have a back for it, but it was the only top I had done and ready to quilt. So off to Lens I went…


Nothing fancy, just a nice, rich red with some simple cross-hatching. I paid more than I am used to for a back (especially for a lap quilt), but the clearance table where I get my sweet deals was pretty well wiped out. Still I saved 20% (it was on sale), and I have a good chunk left, as the piece was 108″ wide (specifically made for quilt backing).

The binding was leftover from the back of Crosstown Traffic, and it’s pretty beige and gold tones highlight the neutrals throughout the quilt.


The border and sashing stars were leftover bits from the back ofSewing on my Back Porch.


And the patchwork stars were made from a Craftsy charm pack I got on clearance.


I love how all those different elements came together to make a pretty little lap quilt!



16 thoughts on “FO: Royal stars

  1. Well done! I’ve started purchasing wide backs to use as regular yardage. Quilted Twins in Florida has great prices (usually under $10 a yard) and I stock up whenever I can.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    That is such a beautiful quilt! I love how all the elements came together. Just perfect. Those four patches in the centers of some stars are great.


  3. It all came together perfectly!!! A great finish. Oh, I am chomping at the bit to get my little long arm. I am going with a 5 foot frame, need to get to the shop to demo it. Love the squirrel parade!!


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