Take me to your leader

With the nine-patches done and dusted and already sewn into a top, you may have guessed that I’ve started a new Leader/Ender project.

This one was inspired by a picture Mom sent me

I don’t know where it came from, so I can’t provide credit, but isn’t it cool? And done with five inch squares – of which I have a lot.

To prepare, I sorted my scrap 5″ square stash into darks and lights.

The darks are set aside for the centre squares. The lights got chopped in half so I had a series of 2.5″x5″ rectangles. Then I cut a whole whack of 1.5″ plain black squares for snowballing the corners of those rectangles.

This kind of thing is perfect for L&E projects – simple and mindless. And since each one of those rectangles gets four star points, its going to take a while. Still… you know me, I couldn’t resist working ahead a bit just to see how things would look.

One dark 5″ square, two snowballed rectangles, and a 2.5″black square, and voila! We have our block. Add up a whole bunch of those…. and we’ll have one fabulous scrappy quilt!

Of course, I have an awful lot of rectangles to snowbal first, so this one is going to be an L&E for a good long time!

10 thoughts on “Take me to your leader

  1. Araignee

    Now that one is head scratcher. I had to look several times to figure out that block. It is really pretty when it’s all together. This one will be fun to watch come together.


  2. No matter how I turn my screen, I still can’t quite figure out that block. I do know it’s going to be gorgeous when you’re done.
    Burton would NOT like that first picture though. A dog? Try to upstage LBB? I don’t think so!


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