We’re still house hunting (which annoys me – we’ve bid on a few and been consistently outbid). As much as I would prefer to have a house by now, it means I still have time to dye up the rest of the yarn before we have to move.

The other day I tackled two bags (Slinky Cat, and Twisted Top Cat) with some specific projects in mind.

Up first is some Slinky for Cherry Blossom Wrapture. It will be a gift for later in the year. The light purple is a little darker than I planned, but I was having issues getting the coverage I wanted.

This darker purple was my first attempt. Much darker than I wanted. The silver was the two remaining skeins. Both of them are destined for shawls, yet to be determined.

Next up – some Twisted Top Cat for another Bogatell cardigan for myself. I really love the one I made Miss Pee, with it’s grey, and bright pops of pink – but I didn’t want something exactly the same – so I opted for Key Lime and Turquoise. Anyone who knows me knows Turquoise isn’t really a colour I gravitate to, but I figured it would look great with the green.

After dyeing that, there was still five skeins left, so I took three and one of my fav, but rarely used dyes…

Mahogany… it’s such an odd colour – kind of a pinkish brown. One day this will become a little cropped cardi to go with my many sundresses.

And with the two skeins left, I just used up some leftover dye

Both of these will become socks at some point, though probably not any time soon.

And now I’m happy to say… there’s just ONE bucket of undyed yarn left!!! The end is in sight!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Silky

  1. Araignee

    How gorgeous!!!
    The house across the street just went on the market and we were floored by how much they are asking for it. It’s much smaller than our house and with a lot less land. It was the talk of the neighborhood yesterday. They really were lucky because they bought their next home before the pandemic struck out in New Mexico and now that house prices have soared they will make a bundle on the deal. There has been a non stop stream of people looking at the house so it must not be overpriced.


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