Out of this world

I tend to tease my Mom about her obsession with the Moda Grunge line….

But I gotta admit…. it has its uses! I bought this chunk to go with a fat quarter bundle I’d ordered from MSQ last year.

I wanted something that wasn’t white, but would provide a good contrast against those darker fabrics, and still have a spacey feel. The grey Grunge stars were just the ticket.

I actually have enough fabric to get two baby quilts out of this bundle, but on this particular afternoon, I was focused on using the panel that went with this line.

I haven’t done a lot with panels (the Owl quilt being my only one), but Mom’s done a few and they are always super cute. Not to mention, it makes putting a top together that much faster.

This panel was already long enough (about 40 inches) it just needed something to make it wider. And with a space quilt what is better than STARS???

In no time, I had a pile of them. And that Grunge couldn’t be more perfect to give them some serious pop!.

A few seams later…

That’s one completed quilt top! Easy peasy!

AND, I’ve got an awesome piece for the back…

And more Grunge for the binding!!!

But before I go… Burton would like to remind you…

He’s still the cutest thing in this galaxy!

7 thoughts on “Out of this world

  1. That is just adorable!! If my baby brother were not all grown up, I would get it for him – he is an areospace engineer who was sure, growing up, that my parents had adopted him from Mars! LOL


  2. Shirley Elliott

    What a transformation from just a panel to a fabulous top with the addition of your star blocks. I love the Moda grunge line also. Some great blending fabrics available. Burton just adds to the beauty.


  3. We’re agreed on Burton’s beauty but this quilt is a great use of a panel! It’s funny, I pulled out a pile of panels I’ve bought and stalled on how to use them! Duh! Very good job on this one!


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