May Garden Splendor

As May settles in the daffodils are fading, but the tulips are taking their place.

I have the traditional red-with-black-centre ones. But I also have another red – it’s actually a little darker (though you can’t tell in the pictures) but it has a distinct while outline on the tops of the petals, and a pale yellow centre. It’s quite pretty.

I also have this beautiful pale peach/pink. They came from bulbs from the dollar store. The picture on the package was actually much darker, but I love this pale version.

And there are a few others mixed in here and there. My multi-coloured parrot tulips (far right) are just starting to bloom. The come a little later, but they are pretty magnificent, being taller and frillier than other tulips.

My Bleeding Heart is blooming. I was a little worried about this one. I planted it last year, and it wasn’t overly robust to begin with. And, Burton took a liking to laying on it. I wasn’t sure it was strong enough to survive but it’s doing quite well.

The Pasque flower is just going gangbusters now. I had a red one too, but it looks like it didn’t survive the great garden revamp last year. I knew I’d lose a few things.

Speaking of gangbusters, check out the Candytuft. I wish is bloomed all summer long because it’s amazing. It will last about a month, but after that it’s just little green shrub-like plant for the rest of the summer. Oh well – it’s wonderful while it’s going.

My strawberries are starting too flower too. I won’t actually get any berries – the buns and mice will get to them before I do, but I still enjoy them. They are ever-bearing so they flower and fruit on and off, right until fall.

The Lily-of-the-valley won’t be much longer to sweet smelling little bell flowers. They are definitely one of my favourites.

Out front, the Leopard’s Bane has bloomed! I think I’ve finally found the right spot for it – this is the best it’s ever looked!

And last…

The truly best thing in the garden is our favourite garden cat!

8 thoughts on “May Garden Splendor

  1. Araignee

    How lovely they all are! Including kitty of course….what an expression he has on his face. I think that is the kitty equivalent of the eye roll.


  2. My favorite flower in your garden is Relic. Even a grumpy Relic! 🙂 The flowers are all gorgeous. Spring is bursting out of your garden this year. Will you be able to transplant the flowers when you move or do you have to leave them all behind?


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