Squirrelington’s will be on the move…

First, let me wish a Happy Mother’s Day to my partner in crime (and knitting and quilting and everything crafty….) my Mom!!!!!

I get a giggle out of this picture of us every time I see it! Oh those carefree early ’80s where you smoked with a baby in your lap! She quit smoking when I was about six or seven, so there aren’t actually many pictures of her with a cigarette. It’s almost shocking to see now.

This is how I see her most often now

And as you know, we spend a lot of time together. So it’s with mixed emotions that I make this announcement. As you may have guessed from the title… we are MOVING!!!!

Yes. We finally won a bid on a house, and the financing approval went through late last week!!!!

These are the pictures from the real estate listing. I’ll get better pictures when we get the keys.

It’s a good solid house with all the important things up-to-date. (Roof, foundation, furnace, electrical). The inside however….

…is stuck in a bit of a time warp. From the looks of things, it hasn’t had any updates since 1960 or so. It’s all wallpaper and some of the most hideous carpet I’ve ever seen. Seriously, these pictures doe not show just how bad the carpet is – especially in a couple of those bedrooms.

It does however have FIVE bedrooms (Finally SEPARATE office and sewing studio for me!!!). It also has two full baths – one on each floor.

The kitchen, while dated, is actually in pretty good shape. The floors and counters are in such good shape, it will probably be one of the last things we update

It has a crap tonne of of cupboard space. In fact, the whole house has a tonne of storage – there are cupboards and closets EVERYWHERE!

But what excites me the most….

See that little red area off the back of the house? That’s a completely screened in porch. There’s already a dog door from the kitchen to it. And that fenced in area….? Well one of our first priorities is putting cat proof fencing around it. The boys and I are finally going to have a catio space big enough for us all to enjoy!!!!

And as excited as we are – there are some downsides. It’s in a little town two hours from where we live now. Which means it’s 2.5 hours from Mom. We are still going to keep the quilting business going, but it means I’ll probably make a trip to quilt once a month instead of once a week. I’ll likely stay the weekend to get much time with them (and the long arm- lol) as possible!

It also means I have to say goodbye to all my backyard friends here.

I’m sure we’ll make friends with the new patrons, but I’m really going to miss these guys!

As I said, we get the place June 1, but we keep the townhouse until July 31, so we have time to go in and do some updates before we have to move. (We won’t do the whole house at once). It’s a lot of work ahead of us, but I’m not sure what it will mean for the blog. I’ll still post – it might just not be every day, so don’t fret if I’m silent for a day or two!

17 thoughts on “Squirrelington’s will be on the move…

  1. Araignee

    CONGRATS!!! I am so excited for you! Making it your own will be so much fun. I can’t tell you what this place looked like when we bought it. It’s going through its second remodel now just to keep it up to date but I can still see those burnt orange carpet, gold drapes and the awful turquoise kitchen. I really envy you that porch. That is one thing I wish I had here in Mosquitoville. Daughter is moving about 2 hours away from us when her house is finished this summer so I get how that is feeling. One good thing about the pandemic is that I have learned that being apart isn’t so terrible.
    I love those photos of your mom. My mom always had a cigarette hanging our of her mouth and a cup of coffee in her hand. I miss her so much especially today. It’s so wonderful that you and your mom have stayed so close. I wish I had spent more time with mine.


  2. I’m so happy for you and Dave and the boys….A garage, backyard and screened in porch, lots of space inside is going to be fantastic!!! Perhaps there is finished floor underneath those ugly carpets and wouldn’t that be a treat! I’m sorry for the space between you and your mom but it’s manageable! Oh, I’m just so excited for you !


  3. Melissa

    Congratulations to you and Dave and the ‘kids’. So glad you found something. In no time you’ll have it fixed up the way you like. Hugs!


  4. I was just thinking about that last night! A huge congratulations. The cats are going to LOVE having a place outside to hang around and not have to wear a leash! You have plenty of garden space and that kitchen . . . it’s HUGE!

    So happy for you, Dave and the kitty crew!

    P.S. That Sabres banner has GOT.TO.GO! LOL


  5. Shirley Elliott

    How exciting! So happy for this new adventure for you and Dave. The house looks very large and I am sure you will enjoy making it your own. Given the size, you won’t even have to downsize when moving. Hope you will be able to move some of your garden plants. Congratulations!


  6. I am so excited for you. So much room and potential in the house. I love all of the storage but I especially like the catio. They are going to love it so much. I hope you can get your own long arm so it won’t be all work when you get to visit your Mom. Oh, it will be fun to see the photos of all of the changes you make when you’re making it your own.


  7. Michelle Cooper

    Congratulations, wonderful news. The cats can have a room each! Seriously -it is so good that the all-important bits are sound and up to date. Of the current decor I’m not sure which is worst – the two different wall papers in bedroom 2 or the pick floral number in the master. However – when you’re asleep you wont see the walls or floor any way. And well done with the month long overlap between the old and new homes. You’ve definitely done your homework house-wise! XX


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