Friday felines

After showing you Burton’s fabulous new wardrobe the other day, I mentioned more had been ordered for the other two.

Well the other day, neighbour Krista brought them over!!!

Like Burton’s these are reversible. As you can see, Relic wore his like a champ, with only minimal side-eye. He was mostly fine with it when he was just hanging out on the couch. But when he got up for a snack, I had to take it off, because he decided it weirded him out.

Rupert on the other hand…. remember when I first got him and tried to put a harness on him? It was pretty much like that.

Those are the best pictures I could get. Every time I put it on him, he just runs and hides under the couch until I pull him out and take it off. It’s too bad – he looks fabulous in plaid!

And Burton… Krista ordered ANOTHER one for him, because she felt he really needed to emphasize his floral side.

As much as he likes to hang out amongst my flowers… I’m not sure how he feels about wearing them. The other side is aqua leopard

He seems to much prefer it…


7 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. It’s OBVIOUS who likes being the center of attention —- Mr. Burton!!! He poses so nicely.

    Love that last photo of Relic. Yep …. I get that look too sometimes.


  2. How funny that we are closing on our houses on the same day! I am just so happy that we’re about to be done!
    My cats would never wear anything. You’ve obviously done a better job than I have in domesticating your cats!


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