What gardens may come

May is marching on, and the gardens are marching on with it. Albiet a little bit slower than usual… until this week, May has been quite cool.

Relic doesn’t mind. He always knows how to take advantage of the sunshine.

Many of you have asked how much of the garden I’m going to take to the new place. At first, I wasn’t planning on taking much – just a few things that might be harder to replace.

But the more I thought about it, the more I changed my mind. We dont know who will move in here after us (it’s a rental). Whoever it is likely won’t want to care for anything left behind (lawn maintenance is done by property management, but gardens are left to the tenants). I’d feel terrible if I left them and someone just let them die.

And it’s not like I have a shortage of garden space at the new place.

So… it’s been decided. I’m going to take as much as I absolutely can. I have enough time to dig it all out and reseed the gardens so they become lawn again.

A couple of neighbours have already asked for a few things, so I’m happy to oblige.

Blake, the neighbour right beside us would like the Bleeding Heart. It’s easy enough for me to get another so I said yes. I have a white one in the front garden I can keep anyway. As soon as this one is done blooming, its going to go live with him.

Neighbour Krista has asked for some more irises. I’ve got loads of them, so that’s no hardship.

I do have to leave my lovely lilac behind. It’s just too big to try to dig up. But a lovely reader sent me a link on how to take cuttings from it so I’m going to give that a try as soon as it’s done blooming!

The raspberries, blackberries, and butterfly bush will also stay.

That’s ok… I’ve got more than enough work ahead of me with everything else I have to dig up!

7 thoughts on “What gardens may come

  1. Araignee

    I did that when I sold dad’s house. I dug up everything I could and brought it here. I had to also leave the lilac and my fig tree which made me sad. My sister took cuttings of the lilac which worked very well.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    What great news that you are going to relocate many of your plants. It is very seldom that the next renter/owner will love and take care of existing plants/gardens. I moved plants twice and it was very successful. I remember being stopped by a state trooper because the rose bush I had in the passenger side of my Mustang was so large that it partially obscured my vision. I think you are going to be so happy to have as many plants as you can relocate. You can even move your spring bulbs if the foliage has mostly died back. Looking forward to seeing your new gardens evolve.


  3. The new garden will be a totally blank canvas too. You might find some new things you absolutely must have too.

    While buying a house and planning the move is a giant pain in the rear. Planning gardens and decor can be really fun.


  4. Val, i think you will be very happy you brought your gardens with you in some sense. We did not. I wish we had brought Troy’s mom’s Rose of Sharon little new shoots.
    Regina, from my old town, has gifted me almost everything here in Wisconsin from her own yard. Tall grasses that thrive here, and columbine the now blooms blue from her, and echinacea everywhere!


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