For the love of cats and kittens

You know we’ve long been a supporter of Natalie at Bee Meadow Farm, and all the work she does with her rescue animals.

If you follow her on Facebook, it will come as no surprise that she’s been racking up some hefty vet bills.

She’s recently taken in a mama with a pile of nursing kittens, a little sweet calico with a hernia, and a handsome ginger named Jim, who’s having some serious skin issues.

She put the call out for donations for gift basket items, etc to help raise some funds to get these fantastic furballs back to health and into their forever homes.

With the move looming, I don’t have time to make anything, so instead, I pulled Queen of the Crossroads from the shop, and offered it up for a fundraising raffle.

Here’s the deal (copied from the Bee Meadow Facebook post)

Draw to be held on Monday, May 24, Victoria Day!

🌺🌸OPEN TO CANADIANS AND AMERICANS! I will ship free to anyone in Canada or the U.S.!

🌸🌺 All proceeds to the foster felines’ vet bills! 🌺🌺

👑 “Queen of the Crossroads” is a stunning double/small queen-sized quilt. A true scrap quilt, these busy blocks have been made from small squares leftover from other quilting projects. There are dozens of prints and colours to keep the eye entertained. The whole thing is wrapped up with a pretty plaid border. The backing fabric is a cheerful, textured royal purple. VALUE: $525

👑 Size: 90″ x90″PLEASE NOTE: This quilt is not “true “queen-sized” bed quilt as it is a little shorter than the standard queen-sized comforter. However it can be used as a decorative throw or extra layer.

👑 Materials:The top of the quilt is made with 100% cotton.The backing is 100% cotton. The batting is an 80/20 cotton/polyester blend.

👑 Care:Machine wash and dry.

🌺 Tickets are 1 for $2, or 3 for $5, or 8 for $10 or 20 for $20, and anything over $20 is $1 per ticket.🌸 When you pay for your tickets, Natalie will send you your ticket numbers (tickets are virtual – Natalie will record your numbers with your name on an Excel spreadsheet.) On the day of the raffle, the winning ticket number will be chosen by a random number generator, and the winner will be notified by email or PM the day of the draw.

🌺 E-transfers can be sent to: 🌸 Please make sure you include your email address in a message with the EFT – sometimes the e-transfers come from a bank email address that Natalie can’t reply to.

If you have any questions about the raffle, drop Natalie a line through her Facebook page, or email her at

Natalie, the rescue kitties, Burton and I thank you for your support!

6 thoughts on “For the love of cats and kittens

  1. Shirley Elliott

    I saw Natalie’s post last night. What a beautiful quilt and generous donation! The photos, write-up and all the information was great. I’m guessing you did that. I hope in your move to your new home, you will be closer to Natalie. I would love to live close enough to volunteer as a barn helper.


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