More birthday socks

With Silla off the needles, and the move moving ever-closer, I figured it’s a good idea to be a monogamous knitter for a while. And with small simple projects. Can you guess where this is going?

Yep… socks. Good old socks!

This is a skein of Jungle Cat (Bamboo/Merino) that I dyed up over winter. I’ve been dying to see it knit up. I’ve called it Caimen, because it makes me think of those sleek little crocdilians gliding through dark swampy water.

You may not know, but Caiman are my second-favourite reptiles. (Bearded Dragons are my first favourite).

This pair will be for Dave’s birthday in July. I suspect for the new few years, all our presents for holidays will be house-related and needed (nothing says Merry Christmas like new floors!). But at least he can always count on me for a new pair of socks!

9 thoughts on “More birthday socks

  1. Araignee

    Very handsome! It will be the same here as our budget does not include appliances for the new kitchen. I’ll have to replace them over time so I guess I’ll be getting a dishwasher for my birthday this year. Maybe next year I’ll get the refrigerator I want.


  2. jatshaw

    Good idea to be a monogamous knitter, only I think it’s too late for me. Don’t ask me how many WIPS I have, and then there’s the unfinished quilts and X-stitch. Sigh. That’s a very interesting color you created!


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