Blossoming top

Before we get the keys for the new place, I’m trying to get all the “bigger” quilts I have on the go into completed tops. Then I can temporarily store them at Mom’s while we move things from house to house and I don’t have to worry about what box they are in.

I only have two left – the scrappy pinwheel quilt, and the floral one I’m making from the leftovers of Welcome Home Jane.

I decided to tackle the floral one first.

If you recall, it’s a mix of a centre flower medallion, nine patches and some friendship stars. While it sounds complicated, I really just needed to lay it all out together and make sure everything was going in the right direction. As you can see, I had someone to double check my work.

It took a whole afternoon, but I think it was worth it.

It finished up at about 60″ square. Not bad for some leftovers with a few other fabrics thrown in. I do, however, have a few small regrets.

I wish the pink I used on the friendship stars was just a touch bolder.

Just so they stood out a little bit more. Sadly, it was the best pink I had in my stash. All the others I had were too bold (think hot pink) and just wouldn’t have worked.

Second, I wish I had more of this gorgeous border fabric.

I would have loved to make the border wider. But I only had a half yard, so a two-inch border was the best I could do.

Still. I’m pleased enough with the overall results.

As is our favourite little noble beastie.

I have enough of the gold from the centre of the flower and the stars to use for binding as well. And this pretty hibiscus print couldn’t be more perfect for the backing. Not bad for a quilt 100% from stash!

11 thoughts on “Blossoming top

  1. Araignee

    I love it when it all comes together like that. I don’t think I’ve ever had a 100% stash quilt. I always need to buy something or other.


  2. What a beautiful blossom of a quilt!!! Always regrets of one sort or another but to anyone else, it is a fantastic job! It’s a good idea to send it to Mom’s for the moving chaos. Sometimes precious things get in the wrong box destination (like the dump in error!) so -good decision!


  3. That is such a beautiful quilt top. And if Lord Burton agrees, you know it must be tree. I could never make a quilt from stash unless, somehow, yarn could be used. :-). The fabrics you used are wonderful. You definitely have an eye for putting fabrics together to be the best they cn be.
    I hope your Thursday is a great one.
    Blessings and hugs,


  4. It’s a wonderful quilt! I am trying to be more conscientious of buying larger pieces when I see something I like. I used to buy fat quarters, now I look for the yardage if I really like it. And then 1-2 yards is my theory, but it doesn’t always work. LOL!


  5. Shirley Elliott

    That is such a beautiful quilt! No overthinking involved. Love how you make what you have on hand work for the project. Sounds like you are really on top of plans for the move.


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