Back to blooms

As you read this, I’m hopefully at the new house, wading through a jungle of weeds, trying to prepare some space for the garden plants I’m bringing.

But meanwhile, back at the townhouse, things are starting to bloom again

I bought this pretty white Bellflower last year, but this is the first time it’s bloomed.

I didn’t realize how tall it would get. It’s almost to my waist, and looks quite pretty standing out in the garden.

My Dianthans, which were supposed to be annuals, finally seem to be reaching the end of their life (after about seven years). They are pretty, but they certainly aren’t as showy as they’ve been in previous years. A few of them have died off completely.

The Bachelor button is blooming too. It’s apparently a rare version, and I love it because from the side, it looks a little like a thistle … but with out all the prickles. The bees love it too. In the first picture you can see a little sweat bee working away.

I bought this Alium several years ago, and it was called “Eye Candy” and supposed to contain yellow, pink and white flowers. But for several years, I’ve only ever gotten white.

As pretty and dainty as they are, I was a little disappointed. I wanted those other colours. But then this year, as the white flowers faded away, yellow ones began popping open.

I wonder if the pink will eventually make their debut too!

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been watching as everyone else’s peonies bloomed around me, but mine were still just buds. But finally…

The strawberries are finally starting to ripen. But as suspected, I’m not getting to enjoy them. They either disappear completely, or I find them like this.

I definitely need some raised beds at the new place, and maybe some bird netting!

Last, I’ll leave you with my Beardtongue

And oddly named, but beautiful little perennial I have in the front garden! And for some reason it always put up two bloom spikes. One in pink, followed by one in purple.

9 thoughts on “Back to blooms

  1. kayT

    As always, thanks for the tour of your garden. I love that white Bellflower. And you know that’s the gardener’s epitaph, right: “I Didn’t Know It Would Get That Big.”


  2. I love your flowers. You are surrounded by beauty. We just took another trip to the greenhouse to find plants to fill in a large flower bed at our house.
    So sorry about your strawberries. I hope you get to enjoy a few of them.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Your gardens are looking so beautiful! What a great garden record you have with your blog. Hope you are having a very productive day at the new house.


  4. Araignee

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the new place! All your blooms are so beautiful. Your new neighbors are in for a treat.


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