Is there anything more un-fun than packing? Well.. there’s probably is, but packing definitely ranks on the list.

Although we were at first delighted to have a couple months for the great move, it has proved to provide a few challenges that moving all at once doesn’t.

Mostly… what do you pack, and when. We are essentially trying to live between two places, but only have enough stuff for one.

Dave has been in a terrible rush to get all the shelves, etc, taken off the walls here so he can make repairs and make it easy to paint for the next tenant. But a lot of the stuff on those shelves is stuff I’m still using, so it can’t just be packed into a box – and now, without shelving, it’s in my way!!! (Think baking canisters that are now taking up precious counter space, of which I already have too little)

I’ve been trying to stick to packing non-essentials…

…and oddly enough, that does mean my yarn. I’ve left out one ball for my next project (yes, another pair of socks), but the rest of the yarn is all packed up.

Burton was pretty intrigued by all the space that had opened up in the studio closet. Just wait until he sees all the closet space in the new house!

9 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Cheryl

    Packing isn’t fun. But I always liked the purging that takes place. Make sure labelling is complete. Question what are you doing with relic? He has always lived there outside. I don’t want to see him running off. That happened once to me. Never to be found. It was a 100 mile move. Always figured he tried to go back. A neighbour in old neighbourhood thought she saw him. Awful times.


  2. Araignee

    I love packing and unpacking. It’s probably why I’ve been able to live in this sea of boxes for the past year. Every few months I packed and repacked all my kitchen stuff to tidy up the mess and I really enjoyed it. I am going to miss living in this mess I think. It’s definitely more my style than neat and tidy.


  3. IT is complicated isn’t it Val? Moving has been a theme amidst my blog pals. Betsy’s big move back to family, your fun move and I remember our big move to Dairyland. It was stressful though I vowed it wouldn’t be. But it was. One skien of yarn? You are amazing Lady


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