A room of my own

We are back at the house today. I believe today’s plan of attack includes dismantling the rest of the greenhouse, and taking on the walls on the main floor.

Last weekend, while Dad and I were taming the outdoors, Dave started on some of that hideous wallpaper in the living room and dining room.

Mostly he just wanted to investigate what the walls were like underneath, but most of it came off pretty easy so he went a little further than planned.

Some of it will have to be steamed to get it off, but it’s almost half done already. And we found some… artwork… under that wallpaper.

I’m not sure who Mary was… but it seems Ruth may have been part of a threesome… or maybe just a love triangle.

There’s also an incredible number of nail holes in pretty much every wall. This place must have been covered in pictures at one time. We have a lot of work ahead to get those walls into a paintable state.

For now, the living areas are going to be set aside. Our first focus is Dave’s music studio. It’s going to be in a room just off the dining room. Since is will house several large and VERY heavy amps, as well as a piano, I want it done before the big move, so we don’t have to move all that heavy stuff twice (once to the house, and then around again as we remodel).

That room is currently panelled. Dave started taking down the paneling on Sunday. There was nothing underneath it but studs, so we have some drywall to hang in the near future.

While Dave was working away in there, I investigated my own studio. We finally settled on which rooms will be what, and I’m taking the small room directly across from the main bedroom for my sewing space.

It won’t be remodeled anytime soon, but it will be getting a darn good cleaning. The previous owner must have been a pretty heavy smoker. The few surfaces I have cleaned so far have been just covered in nicotine. The room is about 10 x 10 (maybe a little larger), and has a nice big closet.

There’s another smaller room down the hall, which will become my work office. I’m so looking forward to having not only more room for both, but completely separate spaces!

10 thoughts on “A room of my own

  1. Araignee

    That reminds me so much of my parent’s house. It too was covered in nicotine. I had never realized it until I started cleaning it to sell it. My dad also used to sign all his handiwork. Underneath flooring and paneling that he had installed and I had to remove was scrawled WMK and the date. He really wanted to leave his mark.


  2. kayT

    This so reminds me of our 1935-built house that we bought and remodeled about 25 years ago, when we were a lot younger and more agile. Nail holes everywhere: check. Ugly stuck-tight wallpaper: check. Little rooms: check. My husband says if it takes you a year to get it in shape you will feel 10 years older when you are done. Maybe! I can only say that when we moved here, we bought a brand-new never-owned home. Good luck with your projects!


  3. I can so relate to this Val. Our “new” house was also covered in nicotine. Luckily we paid to have it painted before we moved. The painters said when they washed the walls, brown nicotine was just pouring down them. Two of the closets still stink after the paint. I think I’m going to paint them again soon. For now I have several air freshners in each closet.
    You have made HUGE progress already. I’m looking forward to watching the transformation.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    What great progress and plans! It is going to be an amazing journey and you will enjoy the wonderful results. It’s like you are bringing the house back to life in the process of making it your home.


  5. I love it when you figure out what each of the rooms will be! Yes, there is work ahead but it is going to be all yours when you get to it–perfectly perfect for you! Cool discoveries for you !


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