Sock update

I said these socks probably won’t go to fast, despite being shorties…

And they aren’t. That’s partly because after I finished the heel and gusset, I noticed a big boo boo on the leg and had to frog all the way back! It’s also because life is just keeping my crazy busy – and not just at the new house. It’s busy in all aspects.

I was hoping to have a chunk of time to knit on it yesterday morning, both Dave and I had dentist appointments (one after the other). But…. halfway to the dentist, Dory started making some strange growly/grinding noises. So we turned around and went to the mechanic instead. She’s getting new struts and a wheel bearing and our teeth (and waiting room knitting) will just have to wait. We need her to get back and forth the new place!

So all of this is a long way of saying… I’m still working on the first sock. Maybe I’ll finish it this week. Maybe not.

8 thoughts on “Sock update

  1. It’s a beautiful sock and it just means you get to knit on it longer! I’m the same way. Not getting a lot of knitting/crochet done because of the move, but that will come. I finally finished a baby blanket yesterday. I’m glad you were able to get to the mechanic before anything really bad happened. Car stuff is never fun.


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