Just rosie!

The roses have bloomed!

Navy Lady was the first, and now she’s just covered in blooms. I really hope she’s going to make the move ok.

The Home and Family Rose is thriving. She was the only rose (other than Navy Lady) that I didn’t move last year. As you can see, she has creamy white blooms. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a very strong scent.

I’m happy to say Honey Perfume was one of the survivors. She has a great scent, and such pretty golden flowers that fade as they bloom. When we move, this one will be going somewhere near the sun porch. Right now, I can sit out back and her perfume just wafts around. It’s wonderful!

Ebb Tide also made it, though she’s not as robust as she was last year. I hope she can hang in there, and get a little stronger.

There’s still two more that survived the winter but have yet to bloom. They are quite small, but hopefully we’ll see flowers soon.

10 thoughts on “Just rosie!

  1. So pretty Val. I have all roses that are for show and do not have a scent. Maybe NEXT year! I have two potted yellow/pink roses, and one big pot of red tea roses. They had so many blooms, and now they recovered and are putting up new baby buds again. GO miracle grow


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