Simple stitches

On top of all the fun we’ve been having, last week our washing machine decided it had washed it’s last load and decided to go up in a puff of smoke (literally – I HATE the smell of burning appliances).

I can complain really – we got it for free from Dave’s Mom last year. It replaced our previous washer, which we got for free over 15 years ago (and it was 10 years old when we got it). We’ve literally never had to buy a washing machine. (We’ve been through three dryers in that time – all three used, and only one of which we had to pay money for).

Still… it’s rather inconvenient timing.

Dave wanted to hop on Kijiji and find us a new used washer. But with only a few weeks left in the townhouse, I said – what’s the point of hauling one home, having to lug it down to the basement, hook it up, only to have to unhook it again and lug it back up the stairs in just a few weeks.

Happily, I have an awesome Mom with a HUGE washing machine, and she’s more than happy to let me use it once a week until we move.

So, last Thursday, I took my laptop (a benefit of working remotely – I can work from anywhere with internet), three loads of laundry, and headed to Mom’s.

She was still a work, so I threw a load in and settled down to get some work done. I knew the moment Mom got home!

It took a couple hours to finish all my laundry, but I didn’t have much work to do, so I soon settled in to get some knitting done on my lone sock project.

I’m now through the heel and onto the gusset. I’m very happy that I decided to keep a simple pattern. I don’t think my brain could handle anything complicated right now. Part of me is longing to cast on something super lacy – it’s probably a very good thing all the yarn is packed up and out of reach.

11 thoughts on “Simple stitches

  1. Araignee

    What is it about stuff going up in smoke? My vacuum. Your washer. I’m half afraid to turn anything on.
    That sock is a pretty color. I’ve lost my sock mojo which is bad news for my gift box. That’s what I get for saving my man socks until the end.


  2. So glad you have such a good solution to the washer dying. Fingers crossed our stove will arrive tomorrow…I miss having an oven (even in this yeat!!). Love that sock Val.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    I love the photo of your Mom’s welcoming committee. So cute. Great improvisation on the washing machine issue. Hopefully, another free or great deal will come your way.


  4. I would start looking for a washer now-and make plans to put it in the new house! Sorry for the timing of the break down but so glad you could borrow your Mom’s! The pic of the dogs is cute!


  5. jatshaw

    That happened to us a while ago, and we are very happy with its replacement. Hope you will be, too. Love that sock color. What pattern are you using?


  6. So cute and so typical for the dogs to know when their loved one is HOME.
    We have this crazy home on the lake. 4 dogs and 3 people come down many stairs to the pier. The pier is longand then has a perpedicular pier. The dogs all jump in the water on this yellow flat raft thing. It does not sink but holds them all! Then a person throws a tennis ball and they all pile off, jumping into the water. Somebody gets the ball. ALL OF THEM come to the pier which has 2 ladders and the independently climb up the ladders and start all over again. It is a hoot


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