FO: Parrot sisters

I know you’re wondering… amidst all of the chaos in my life, how can I possibly have an FO to show off.

Well.. this is an FO that I didn’t finish. I just did the piecing. Mom did the quilting and binding and gave it back to me last week

And didn’t she do an amazing job?

She made my wonky hearts look good AND brought out the best in those birds.

Now I’m counting the day until I can get my new studio get set up and back to making more tops!!!!

8 thoughts on “FO: Parrot sisters

  1. We JUST got our internet and power back after last Fridays storm. I’m so glad to be able to chat with all of you again. 🙂
    That heart! It’s incredible. I think your stitching is just fine, but your Mom’s quilting is incredibly beautiful. She definitely has a gift.


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