FO: Space Friends

Happy Monday. Yes, we are all settled into the new house now, and tomorrow I’ll tell you all about it… but first I have to show off this FO.

I know… ANOTHER FO… and right in the middle of the move.

I definitely wasn’t planning on this one, but you will recall that our washing machine crapped out, so I’ve been doing laundry up at Mom’s. Last week, I wanted to do a couple more loads so we weren’t moving a whole bunch of dirty laundry.

And you might remember that I finished my last pair of socks… so I didn’t have anything to do while I was waiting for my laundry to wash and dry. I was going to raid Mom’s stash and start a new pair… but then I recalled that I still had this top sitting there, just waiting to become a quilt.

It’s just a little one (37″ x 42″) so it didn’t take very long. I had the whole thing quilted and bound before I was done my last load of laundry.

I love this pattern. And all these little space dudes…

That’s just too cute!

And check out the flannel I got for the back…

Who knew robots could be so adorable?

It felt so good to be back at the quilting machine again. I can’t wait to get my new studio set up!

In the meantime – this one is available in the shop now.

11 thoughts on “FO: Space Friends

  1. Shirley Elliott

    What an adorable quilt! The fabrics and pattern are a perfect combination. Love the backing. What a wonderful finish before the move. Looking forward to the moving story.


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