Laundry lady

On Saturday, I was feeling a little run down. I think the move was finally catching up with me. As a result, not much got done (at least by me – Dave was still going gangbusters).

I did managed to get some laundry done.

As you may recall, we still don’t have a washer. Luckily, we are two blocks away from a laundromat. I could walk there if I wanted. Since I had three loads to do, I drove this time. The place was empty, so I was able to get all three loads done at the same time. Even though it was empty, I kept my mask on just in case anyone came in. (I’m fully vaccinated, but the Delta variant is threatening a fourth wave here, and the government hasn’t lifted the indoor mask mandate yet – vaccinated or not).

I brought my book and got a little reading done. And 30 minutes later, all my laundry was clean. Dave hooked up the dryer on Friday, so I brought it all home to dry.

My dresses can’t go in the dryer or they will shrink. At the townhouse, I had lines strung up in the basement. Here, we plan to put in a clothesline outside… but right now it’s pretty low on our big list of priorities.

Luckily, I didn’t toss the rack we used to use for drying yarn.

(If you look closely in the upper right side, you’ll see a little black mass in the catio – That’s our Burton! More on that tomorrow)

It was a lovely, warm breezy day and they dried in no time! I love having the space to do this!

8 thoughts on “Laundry lady

  1. Araignee

    I love my little drying rack. Yours is much bigger and nicer. When all this remodel mess is over I plan on getting a bigger one. My little one is always in use.


  2. I love drying things outside – they always smell so good! You have been SO BUSY lately and just going non-stop…I’m sure it is beginning to catch up with you. Take care and rest when needed!


  3. Yes, don’t forget to get enough sleep–it’s no time to get run down and get sick! I love the way the laundry smells when hung outside to dry! I saw Burton right away–I always look at the scene behind the focal point! Will you be putting in a cat door so they can go in and out on their own?


  4. I have a similar drying rack and use it occasionally. Most of my clothes are fluffed in the dryer for about ten minutes and then I hang them to dry. I get very few wrinkles that way.


  5. Shirley Elliott

    If this was your first burnout from the move, you have done exceptionally well! My clothes get about ten minutes in the dryer to fluff and remove any wrinkles and are left on hangers to dry. I did see Burton in the background. It will be so nice when all three venture out and explore their new area.


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